Dog owners in Suwanee, Georgia get tired of walking their dogs around their neighborhood, and seek out other venues for getting their dogs to exercise. Dog parks are a wonderful way to ensure that dogs get exercise, and a great way to spend time outside. Suwanee, Georgia dog parks are scattered throughout the city, and most every corner of the city has parks for dogs to run and frolic.

Suwanee Dog Parks

Here is a list of the best dog parks in Suwanee, Georgia:

Sims Lake Park: doesn’t have a designated “dog area,” there are 62 acres of land and a lot of dog owners walk their dogs there.

Settles Bridge Park: is a great park with lots of trees, courtesy dog disposal bags and a very large fenced area for dogs to play within. Another great bonus about this dog park, are the doggy water fountains and agility courses for your dog to practice his canine skills.

Suwanee Creek Greenway: is also another great place for Suwanee and Buford residence to walk their dogs. Suwanee Greenway’s multi-use trail begins in George F. Pierce Park in Gwinnett County on Buford Highway and runs along Suwanee Creek to the city of Buford’s Suwanee Creek Park. The lineal park attracts a wide range of people, mostly walkers and joggers, to this level trail. Throughout the track are raised wetland trails and bikers are required to walk their bikes at the entrance on the north side of McGinnis Ferry for about a quarter mile because of a sharply curved descent from the road to the river valley.

There are starting points throughout the trail, but we normally hike the trail end-to-end, from from Pierce Park in the north or Suwanee Park to the south. Both parks offers extensive parking areas, picnic tables, and additional trails within the park. Pierce also has ballfields, and getting out can take time if a game has just ended. This narrative is told from the Pierce Park entrance.

Rabbit Hill Park: although not located in Suwanee, Dacula park is part of Gwinnett County and has a very nice dog park. With pet disposal bags, and nice bark dust area for dogs, the park provides a great place to run Fido when the sun is beating down during the middle of summer.

Newton Park: Another great Suwanee, Georgia dog park is in the area of Johns Creek, Georgia, near Suwanee. This park is different because it has AstroTurf, and small wooden fenced area. Also, there are fountains in the dog park area, which allow both small and large dogs to run under the streams to cool down.

Suwanee, Georgia dog parks are some of the friendliest and comfortable dog parks you’ll encounter in Georgia. The parks are great ways for dogs to get exercise and to enjoy the outdoors. With a variety of amenities, the dog parks all offer different components-and all dogs will find something they enjoy at one of Suwanee, Georgia’s best dog parks.
Suwanee Dog Parks.




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