“How?” is WAY more IMPORTANT than “How much?”

Ask “HOW?”, not “How MUCH?”


 The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION to ask a Carpet Cleaner. Avoid Carpet “Steam”

The most important question to ask when having your carpet cleaned is,”Do you use a soapy or foamy cleaner?” The reason this is the most question is because if a SOAPY or FOAMY cleaner is used on carpet a STICKY residue will be left on the carpet. The same applies to “shampoo.” The analogy we use several times a day is, “If you think soap and shampoo is good for your carpet, the next time you shampoo your hair, DON’T RINSE and see how well that works!” More than 90% of “professional carpet cleaners” use soapy products to clean carpet and almost ALL carpet spot cleaning products are soapy.

When considering a carpet cleaning company the FIRST question you should ask is “Is your cleaner soapy or foamy?” If the answer is “yes,” you should end the call and keep calling around until the answer is “no.” You do not want a soapy cleaner used on your carpet. Typically when you see dark spots on your carpet, or have spots that “keep coming back,” it is more often than not something that was used on the carpet that left a sticky residue and that spot is attracting dirt, dust, dander and debris that actually sticks to the residue that is in the carpet. Often times put there with good intentions by someone trying to CLEAN the area. MOST of the problems we run into in carpet are caused by these types of cleaners.

Once you have established the company does not use a soapy product on the carpet, then you should ask about pricing. However, you DO NOT want to ask for an estimate. The price that is quoted over the phone is usually the STARTING or minimum price. Most carpet cleaners have several extra charges (per spot charges, heavily soiled areas) as well as their hidden charges like “trip charges, fuel charges or waste water disposal fees.” You should ask for an EXACT-imate?

Most of us are budget minded and make many financial decisions based on cost. When the technician arrives at your home walk them through the areas you want cleaned and that were discussed for the EXACT-imate and let the technician know you are going to make the check out RIGHT NOW, before he/she starts for the amount you were quoted. Doing this SHOULD help you avoid up-sells, hidden fees and other extra charges. You did schedule the job based on what you were told it would cost didn’t you?


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