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Many pet owners have pets that have “accidents,” although I challenge you to go ALL DAY without using the restroom. There is only one simple rule. After you have taken your four-legged wonder “out” for their morning “business.” You can not go to the bathroom again until you get home and allow your dog to go as well.

If you pet doesn’t have access to being able to go outside, it is VERY unlikely they can go all day (6-8 hours) without “going.” It is even more difficult if food and water is left out for them. If it is already out, chances are they will take advantage of that and “what goes in, must come out.” And more often than not they are going to find a carpet, rug or something of the like to “use.” When this does happen, and it will happen, clean up what you can with a white terry cloth towel then shake and squirt your CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Carpet Spot Cleaner on the spot or call CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning to clean up the mess, and you too will have a FREE bottle of Carpet Spot Cleaner.

So be aware of your pets limitations. No one expects you to go all day without “relieving” your self, you shouldn’t expect your pet to either.

Closets and bathrooms are usually FREE!!

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