It seems like every week I get a coupon,  often times more than one, advertising “whole house” carpet cleaning specials. DO NOT BE FOOLED by this Cut Rate Advertised Pricing, appropriate labeled (C.R.A.P advertising). Never ask for the “whole house special.”

You should FIRST notice ALL of the asterisks in their pricing. And we all know what an asterisk means, FINE PRINT! So  then you have to find all the fine print, including, but not limited to, “more heavily soiled areas may require additional…., trip charge, $ fuel charge” etc. the list goes on and on.

Most carpet cleaners have people conditioned to first ask about a “whole house special,”  when their priority and emphasis SHOULD be on the carpet cleaning process, NOT THE PRICE. You are NOT going to get the best job, for the “best price.” And often than not, the advertised price that you are asking about is the STARTING price.

Second and more importantly you need to find out what kind of cleaning solution is going to be used. Most carpet cleaners, and all spot cleaners that I’ve seen, are soapy and/or foamy. Do you know what that means? SOAPY, STICKY residue in your carpet. Think about it…when you are doing dishes and you get a soapy sponge or dish cloth, is the process of getting all the soap OUT a one rinse process? Or does if have to be done SEVERAL times to get it all out? Your carpet is much the same way. We are constantly telling people, “If you think soap and shampoo is good for your carpet, the next time you shampoo your hair, DON’T RINSE, and see how well that works!

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Suwanee, Buford and Sugar Hill does not charge extra, for spots, stains, heavily soiled areas, etc. There are no hidden fees or charges, EVER!

Bottom line, never ask for a whole house special, you will not be happy!


J.R. Mitchell, Owner
CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Suwanee, Sugar Hill & Buford, GA
770-NO-STEAM (667-8326)