Professional Carpet Cleaning Dacula GA

Proud to Announce Citrus Carpet Cleaning of Dacula GA!

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Dacula, GA proudly serves residential homes, churches, apartment communities and business in North Gwinnett County, GA. We are honored that so many of Dacula and Hamilton Mill’s residents trust us to work hard everyday and make sure we exceed expectations, show up on time, and offer value no matter what.

You can have confidence in our customer testimonials that we are the real deal, and indeed are a proud member of the Dacula Business Association. We do what we say we’re going to do when we’re going to do it. So if need quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, or even RV cleaning, we’re here for you. We also offer discounts on church carpet cleaning, and are known for our ability to prevent business interruption – our solution cleans great AND dries fast!

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We are also the only environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning choice in Dacula. We know the good people of Dacula care about their environment – particularly where her children eat and sleep. That’s why we only use an environmentally friendly citrus solution that’s safe for children, pets, and of course adults, too.

Why do more people of Dacula/Hamilton Mill trust us to clean their carpets?

I consider it an honor every time you invite me, local business owner J.R. Mitchell, into your lovely homes, businesses, and offices, and even entrust my team and me with the care of your houses of worship. We will not let you down. Dacula has seen its share of carpet cleaning scams, but even if we could square cutting corners with our values we couldn’t sleep at night. We refuse to leave anyone anything less than overwhelmingly with our carpet cleaning jobs.

We are in particular delighted that our professional, quality carpet cleaning services make sense for so many businesses. We understand the importance of non-interrupted business, and the need for reliability, speed, and overall professionalism. That’s why we send only trained employees to clean carpets on any job, no matter how small. We also help your eyes out by never including small print. Dacula residents will pay exactly what they were quoted and not a penny more. We call them EXACT-imates, not estimates. No stain fees, no gas fees, no up-sells, or anything of the sort.  Just quality, professional results on time and on budget. Without question.

What does Citrus Carpet Cleaning of Dacula cost?

We only offer EXACT-imates, not the typical estimates. The idea of charging what was originally quoted is apparently quite novel in the carpet cleaning industry. You will only ever pay precisely what you agreed to pay based on the scope of the project. We create these EXACT-imates based on the number of rooms, hallways, and staircases that are involved in any job. You don’t have time for unprofessional, unreliable businesses with only average results, and who wants to haggle with their local carpet cleaner? We sure wouldn’t. We built CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Dacula GA around the idea that you don’t have to compromise. Other companies won’t let you prepay for the service, why is that? Most of us have a budget and will often call around to a couple places to “compare” prices, but how is it a true comparison if their price isn’t the actual price? One of the things we suggest when people call CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Dacula is once they give you an “estimate,” ask them, “Can I make out the check right now for that?” And just wait for a response.

Why is our product better?

  • No harmful chemicals means no pollution in your home or business- our patented citru-based formula is safe for children, pets, and in-laws.
  • Our low-moisture formula means you’re not left with a wet and smelly carpet.
  • We dissolve spots, so they won’t reappear or we’ll come back for free.
  • Exactimates mean you know from the beginning exactly what you’re paying.
  • No fine print means if we say something, we do it. No joke.

If you’re interested, please learn more about our carpet cleaning process, and see why we are Dacula, GA’s most trusted carpet cleaning company. We look forward to your call! (770) 652.0630.




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