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It’s funny how many times I will have a potential client call for an estimate to have their carpet cleaned. Just a thought, of all the “estimates” you ever been given how many of them turned out to be LESS than what you ended up actually getting charged? Or even the same?  I think most people should realize that an estimate is the minimum amount you will be charged. A “starting price” if you will. I don’ think I’ve EVER been charged what was quoted, more often than not, it was, yes you guessed it MORE.  🙁

At CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning have forever revolutionized, and eliminated estimates!  We don’t give estimates, we give EXACT-imates!  What is an EXACT-imate you ask?? An EXACT-imate is the price you will be charged based on what you tell us you would like to have cleaned. Whether it is for carpet, rugs, or upholstery. We charge by the are, or item and DO NOT charge extra for spots, havily soiled areas. There is no trip charge, no fuel charge, no hidden fees or charges of any kind, EVER! Most carpet cleaning advertisements have a lot of fine print at the bottom of the ad, not to mention all the asterisks often found next to the prices. We all know what an asterisk means, “LOOK OUT!!”

Carpet Cleaning Quote

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning  works hard every day to provide a great service at a reasonable price. More often than not you will be “quoted”” a lower price, but chances are that is NOT what you will end up paying. CitruSolution is a better product, and it is a better process. If you decide to use a company other than CitruSolution, and I will say that I don’t recommend that :), when the carpet cleaner arrives to your home, walk them through all the areas you want cleaned and say, “I was quoted $xxx.xx, and that is the only reason I scheduled with you, so I am going to make out the check before you start.” And be sure and watch their facial expression.

Another thing you can do to avoid getting charge more is, as you are setting up your appointment is ask, “Can I make out the check right now?” and just wait for a response. Bottom line is  never ask for an estimate, wouldn’t you rather KNOW what you are going to be paying? I know I would. I don’t want a “minimum price,” I want a final price. How else can you budget?

With CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning’s EXACT-imate you’ll know EXACTLY how much you will be charged before we even arrive if you pay by cash or check. Credit/debit card companies charge us about 3% to accept credit cards, so if you pay be credit/debit card there is a 3% processing charge.

I hope this has been helpful!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call. J.R. Mitchell – Owner CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning 770.652.0630

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