CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Suwanee, Buford & Sugar Hill offers a FREE Carpet Spot Cleaner for life* program, and I am often asked about how it works, and why we do it.

The reason for the program is we know everyone is going to have an “accident” or two, especially if you have kids, pets, or a husband (or all three!) and we would like you to have a product that will work versus a product that will cause more problems. MOST, if not all carpet spot cleaners are soapy/foamy and WILL leave a soapy, sticky residue on your carpet that will attract and “hold on to” dirt. Almost any time you have a dark spot or area on your carpet, if you don’t KNOW what it is, it is probably something sticky in the carpet “catching” the same debris and dirt that your HVAC filters are filtering. But when they hit that sticky spot on the carpet they stay, and not even vacuuming them will do much good.

Another reason we offer the FREE CARPET SPOT CLEANER FOR LIFE program is it makes our job easier. When you use a product that does not cause all the typical problems associated with other types of spot cleaners it makes our job when we come to your home easier because we do not have spend time getting out excess soap and shampoo.

The FREE CARPET SPOT CLEANER FOR LIFE* program is quite simple. As long as you have us out to your home at least one a year, you get unlimited refills of our exclusive spot cleaner. All you have to do is shot us an email via the “REFILL HOTLINE” and we confirm that our last visit to your home was within the last year. We add you to the refill list and that’s it. It’s as simple as that!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call.

J.R. Mitchell – Owner
CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Suwanee, Buford & Sugar Hill
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