Yes, our pets at times seem like all they want to do is keep leaving deposits on our carpet. It makes you wonder if they want to buy it! CitruSolution, with it’s powerful dry cleaning fluid process, will not only leave your carpets smelling great, but when combined with an antimicrobial (Benefect), will actually eliminate the urine smell in your carpets and serve as a deterrent to your pets using the same area. Our cleaner, powered by citrus cleaning agents, eliminates 99% of the bacteria and germs associate with a “guilty” pet. Carpets need attention, just like your pets. Vacuum 2-3 times a week and check your vacuum bag and empty regularly. We recommend with pets and children, that you get your carpets cleaned at least two times a year. It is not realistic to call a professional cleaner at each “guilty pet incident”. You can still count on CitruSolution to keep your home environment moving in the right direction. If your pet does have an accident that requires immediate attention, do not clean the area with soap and water, but spot clean your carpet by using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. After removing the majority of the urine stain with the white vinigar and water, allow it to dry and finish the process with our CitruSpotter Carpet Stain Remover.