Yes, it is exactly the same process. We pre-spray the same citrus powered cleaner, activate it using the dirt napper system, and finish with the Lindhaus Health Pro vacuum. You get the same great results. It cleans better, dries faster, stays cleaner longer, and it smells great. We price at a flat rate per room. We don’t “up-sell” all those extras that most carpet companies try and sell you. We don’t sell fabric protectors. You don’t need them with CitruSolution. Our non-sudsing product doesn’t contribute to re-soiling. We don’t charge extra for pretreating any spots, traffic areas, or even pet spots. We also give you a free quart bottle of our CitruSpotter, so you don’t have to buy a soapy, foamy spot cleaner. We will work hard to keep you as a CitruSolution client.