Dog Sitters

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A lot of us go on vacation this time of year often times “pet sitters” are hired to watch our four legged family members.  And everything is great….until you get back home and you realize the pet sitter didn’t let you beloved pet out “enough.” There are SEVERAL reactions to this kind of situation, too many to list here.


Call CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning and we will take care of the spots and any new odors your home may now have.

You can also try to remedy the situation on your own. DIY – The spots are probably already dry, so you’ll need a NON SOAPY carpet spot cleaner. The only spot cleaner we’ve found that’s not soapy or foamy is Whoopsy Daisy Carpet Spot Cleaner.  You’ll also need something to absorb and blot with. A white microfiber towel works best, but a white terry cloth towel works as well. Apply the non soapy spot cleaner to the spot and blot with towel. Repeat as necessary. If you have an odor problem, Lysol works the best, but use sparingly and with caution. You need a disinfectant to kill the bacteria causing the odor.




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