2.23.15 CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning

This may be a familiar seen if you are a pet owner!

One of our repeat clients called this morning with a dog “accident.” The CitruSolution Carpet Spot Cleaner was applied to the spots until we could get to their home. In addition to the appearance there was obviously an odor problem. As you can SEE all the “accident” came out and the odor was treated for FREE because CitruSolution does not charge PET OWNERS for odor treatment.

You called to have your carpet CLEANED, so why are you getting CHARGED EXTRA if it is DIRTY?

MOST professional carpet cleaning services use soaps, detergents and shampoos on carpet which leaves a soapy, STICKY residue that attracts dirt.

If you’ve seen dark areas on the carpet it is USUALLY something soapy/sticky that is collecting dirt and debris.

We tell people all the time, “If you think soap and shampoo is good for your carpet, the next time you shampoo your hair, DON’T RINSE and see how well that works.”
PLUS CitruSolution does not charge extra for spots or heavily soiled areas.

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