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Getting your carpets cleaned is a necessary step toward maintaining a beautiful and healthy home. Over the months and the years, dirt, dust and stains can accumulate, causing your carpets to look and smell less than perfect. The good news is, you don’t have to replace your carpets to have them look and smell great again. Bring your carpets back to life with CitruSolution carpet cleaning.

If you’re ready to try different carpet cleaners in Sugar Hill, you’re not alone. Steam cleaning, shampooing or chemical cleaning is no longer the best solution. With the emergence of CitruSolution, a natural carpet cleaning solvent, there’s no need to waste your time dealing with services that probably won’t produce satisfactory results.

It’s time to stop relying on age-old methods that aren’t good for your carpets or the people living in your home. Choose CitruSolution carpet cleaners in Sugar Hill – and get the clean carpets you and your family deserve.

The Problem with Other Sugar Hill Carpet Cleaners

Not as effective: Typically, steam cleaners, shampoo and chemicals just don’t get the job done like citrus does.

Upcharges: Most people are surprised to find that they’re charged EXTRA for services that are presumably part of a carpet cleaning service. If you didn’t have pet stains or soil stains in the carpet, you probably wouldn’t call a carpet cleaning service. Still, companies regularly upcharge for cleaning stains.

Sticky residue: Traditional carpet cleaning companies in Sugar Hill use solutions that can leave the carpet damp and sticky. This facilitates the accumulation of dirt, dust and other allergens in the carpet, which shortens the time between cleanings.

Why Choose CitruSolution?

Better cleaning

Our proven CitruSolution cuts right through even the nastiest of stains and grime that have accumulated in your carpet. The solvent that we use is citrus-based, allowing us to take advantage of a naturally powerful cleaning solution to produce better results than can be achieved with shampoos, steam and chemical solvents.

Less moisture

CitruSolution applications involve far less moisture than other carpet cleaning services. Our Sugar Hill carpet cleaners help you avoid mold and mildew buildup in the carpet by ensuring that it’s as dry as possible before finishing the project. The acidity in the CitruSolution prevents it from leaving a sticky residue in the carpet, which prevents the onset of dust and other allergens.


Our Sugar Hill carpet cleaning service actually lasts! First, less moisture equates to less opportunity for old stains to reemerge. Traditional carpet cleaning services can leave the carpet wet, which tends to wick deep-set carpet stains to the surface even after a thorough cleaning. Secondly, the CitruSolution forms a protective barrier in your carpet that keeps stains, dirt and dust from accumulatting at their normal rapid rate.

Integrity and service

Our Sugar Hill carpet cleaners provide top-notch service. We make carpet cleaning about YOU and YOUR home. We also won’t ever pressure you into cleaning other rooms – and we certainly won’t add surcharges for cleaning stains. Isn’t that a refreshing change?

Carpet Cleaning in Sugar Hill Has Never Been This Easy

Your carpets and your home deserve a cleaning service that can get the job done. Unfortunately, outdated steam-cleaning methods as well as chemicals and shampoos ultimately do more harm than good as far as your floors are concerned. Contact the professionals at CitruSolution in Sugar Hill to get a quote for your cleaning.

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