When looking for a carpet cleaner for you home in Dacula your first question should NOT be “How much do you charge?” Nor should you make the statement, “I am calling to get an estimate.” The FIRST question you SHOULD be asking is “Do you use a soapy or foamy cleaning solution?”

The reason you want to know know if a soapy or foamy solution is being used is because it is NOT a good idea to shampoo nor soap you carpet. Quite simply it is really no different than shampooing your hair and NOT RISING IT OUT. See the problem? Not only is important to realize that IF shampoo or soap is used on carpet it is NOT going to be easily removed, ie when you wash dishes, you can’t rinse the dish cloth one time and get all the soap out. We tell people all the time “If you think soap and shampoo is good for your carpet, the next time you shampoo your hair, don’t rinse and see how well that works!” Soap and shampoo in carpet leaves a soapy sticky residue in your carpet causing it to attract dirt and re-soil quickly. So everything that gets caught in the HVAC filters will also stick and STAY on the carpet, and vacuuming won’t typically remove it. You will need moisture to get the soap out which means using cleaning products that are NOT soapy.

So the main point here is you want to make sure the carpet cleaner you are using DOES NOT use a soapy or foamy solution.

The second question you need to ask is for an EXACT-imate. You DO NOT want a “Starting Price.” Most carpet cleaners will give you a quote over the phone which is typically a starting price,  and once the work is done there will be all kinds changes in the price (higher) and all of the prices will be justified by the technician. There can be a trip charge, a fuel charge, extra charges for spots, heavily soiled areas etc. You should also expect to pay more, a lot more than what you are quoted.

IF you go with a company other than CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning and you are okay with leaving soap in the carpet the best way to avoid extra charges is walk the carpet cleaning technician through your home, showing them the areas you want cleaned and let them know that you were quoted this price and  you will make out the check before they get started. That is probably the best way to potentially prevent getting any extra charges and protect yourself from being over charged. To get a good laugh when you are on the phone scheduling your job, setting up your appointment ask “Can I go ahead and make out the check right now?” and just wait…

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