Dust mites thrive on the gunk deep down in your carpet. Most of this is invisible to the eye, but very important to the lungs. Every time someone walks across the carpet, pollutants are released into the air. These pollutants can stay airborne for over an hour! That means the average home will always have the particles in the air that you and every member in your family are breathing. This is especially harmful to the members of your family with allergies, which is why many believe that carpet cleaning is first and foremost a health issue and secondarily, an appearance issue.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s United States Government website states “ Clean carpets for health and safety first. Not just for appearance. Appearance can be deceiving. Dirt, film, grime and other contaminants that can’t be seen should nevertheless be cleaned, because pollutants will migrate with the building and diminish indoor air quality.”

Your carpet is the largest air filter in your home and it needs to be cleaned. We recommend cleaning your carpets a MINMUM of once a year. The EPA recommends having the carpets cleaned every six months if you have pets, children under the age of eight or spend a lot of time on the carpet. So even if your carpets appear to be clean and in good shape, keep in mind that your eyes can’t see everything. Keep your family’s long-term health in mind by having your carpets cleaned regularly.

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