HOW, not how MUCH?

It is more important to know “HOW” then “How Much?”

  • CitruSolution uses a NON-soapy cleaning solution so there’s no sticky residue left behind. 
  • CitruSolution gives EXACT-imates so there is NO UP-SELLING, NO HIDDEN or EXTRA FEES or CHARGES, EVER!
  • CitruSolution uses a very low moisture cleaning process so your carpet dries in about an hour! 

The most important question to ask when having your carpet cleaned is,”Do you use a soapy or foamy cleaner?” The reason this is the most question is because if a SOAPY or FOAMY cleaner is used on carpet a STICKY residue will be left on the carpet. The same applies to “shampoo.” The analogy we use several times a day is, “If you think soap and shampoo is good for your carpet, the next time you shampoo your hair, DON’T RINSE and see how well that works!” More than 90% of “professional carpet cleaners” use soapy products to clean carpet and almost ALL carpet spot cleaning products are soapy.

Like we always say, If you wore your carpet on your head you’d never treat it that way.

NO TRIP CHARGE, NO FUEL CHARGE, NO EXTRA CHARGES FOR SPOTS, STAINS OR HEAVILY SOILED. Just a flat rate per room with NO UPSELLS! You can actually make out the check before we even get there. If you are calling around ask the “other guys” if it is okay to do that!!

We would love to be YOUR carpet cleaner!

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