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We understand the hassle of searching and finding a HONEST, DEPENDABLE carpet cleaning service in Alpharetta GA. Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA would like to make the experience unlike any other! It should be easy and hassle free. We know there are a lot of other things that require your attention.

Here’s a Thought: You Pay What Your Quoted or it’s FREE!

This seems like an outlandish claim if you’ve had any experience whatsoever with other carpet cleaning companies in the past. When dealing with other services, you often end up paying more than you had anticipated. Whether it’s a carpet cleaner slipping in extra charges to clean particular stains or types of upholstery, or it’s a service trying to upsell you on cleaning every room in your home rather than just the ones you’ve specified, the experience can be a headache.

Our Citrus Carpet Cleaning professionals won’t ever charge extra for stain treatments. And we won’t ever pressure you into buying extra services or cleaning other areas of your home that were outside of your initial quote.

Almost everyone is budget minded and more often than not, the first question we get asked is, “How much do you charge?” And while we understand completely it is extremely important to point out two very crucial things. The price we give you is a FINAL PRICE. There are no per spot fees, no up sells, no trip/fuel charges like most other carpet cleaners. We call it an EXACT-imate and it comes with an EXACT-imate GUARANTEE. If the carpet cleaning technician tries to charge you more than your EXACT-imate, then your carpet cleaning is FREE!

This pricing policy allows you to pre-pay if necessary and again ensures that you are actually paying what you expected. We encourage you as you’re “calling around” to ask “Can I prepay?” and just wait for a response. We know for a fact some of the major carpet cleaners will not allow you to prepay and have picked up several jobs because of it.

As a small business we do wonder why a company wouldn’t honor their price nor allow you to prepay the amount THEY quoted. I guess they KNOW it’s what we call a “starting price.” And I’m sure most of us aren’t looking for what a MINIMUM CHARGE might be when we are getting quotes for work and services.

Alpharetta GA Carpet Cleaning

Are you in Alpharetta GA? Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta is here to assist you! Your Alpharetta GA carpet cleaning company is just minutes from downtown Alpharetta and is happy to come to your home or business.

Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA

If it is high quality, professional carpet cleaning you are looking for, then our top of the line services are EVERYTHING you could want or need. If you are searching for Alpharetta GA carpet cleaning services, and are looking for no further then Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA

Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA



And when you’re “calling around” looking for pricing or estimates, you should probably expect to pay MORE.
Here’s why:


Alpharetta Carpet Cleaning

We all love the feeling we get after our carpet has been cleaned. Knowing that you have clean, fresh carpets gives you a little extra pep in your step as you approach the front door of your home in the days following the initial cleaning. Much to your dismay, you usually find that a few days is really the only time frame you have to enjoy your clean carpets.

With traditional carpet cleaners, old stains and smells can reemerge in a very short period of time. And your initial satisfaction is usually offset by the fact that you ultimately paid a higher price than was quoted. With CitruSolution carpet cleaning in Alpharetta, you get a guaranteed quote for a solution that cleans your carpet better and keeps it cleaner for longer.

No Per Spot fees! No up-sells! No hidden fees or bait and switch! Just clean carpets.

Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta: Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners in Alpharetta

Most carpet and upholstery cleaning services use pungent chemicals that are often used and disposed of without regard for the environment. We use our own proprietary cleaning solution manufactured with natural citrus fruits.

The naturally occurring cleansers found in citrus fruit don’t just help get your carpets cleaner and keep them smelling better for longer. They’re also less harmful on the environment. Citrus carpet cleaners can get your floors and upholstery spotless without wasting water or applying synthetic cleaners to the same floors that your pets and children make close contact with.

Our Alpharetta GA Carpet Cleaners Don’t Bait and Switch

One of the signature sales tactics in the carpet cleaning industry involves the cleaning company quoting a customer a certain price for a certain project. When the cleaner arrives, he carries out the specified work, but will try to pressure the homeowner to purchase a complementary service that may or may not be necessary. The cleaning service may also tack on additional fees they attribute to various expenses, which can come as a surprise at billing time.

CitruSolution was built upon avoiding these shady business practices. We clean only the carpets you have specified beforehand, and will never try to up-sell you to an additional service you didn’t ask for. We also give “EXACT-imates” instead of “estimates” so you know what to expect. Lastly, we’ll never charge you additional fees just because we can.

The Power of Citrus

Citrus juice has long been revered for its cleansing and dirt-cutting capabilities. It’s used in dish soaps, grease cleaners and countless other cleaning solutions. Our Alpharetta carpet cleaning professionals take advantage of the power of citrus.

Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta is a drier application when compared to other carpet cleaning solutions. You don’t have to worry about damp, mold-susceptible carpets when you choose a professional that uses only citrus carpet cleaner. Our citrus cleaning solution cuts through soil and grease stains more effectively than the soapy solutions other carpet cleaners in Alpharetta use. Our process keeps your carpets cleaner longer. Limited moisture means that deep stains aren’t drawn back up into the fabric of carpet surface. Citrus smells great. Your house smells like fresh orange peels after the cleaning professionals are done.

Why Choose Other Carpet Cleaners?

If you’re in Alpharetta, don’t waste your time with steam cleaners or other carpet cleaning professionals. You deserve a service that addresses your cleaning needs in the best way possible. You also deserve professionals who only deliver the service you need and don’t try to pressure you into purchasing services you don’t want.

Our Alpharetta area carpet cleaners are here to answer your questions. Call 770.652.0630 to learn more about Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta.

                                                                  Alpharetta Carpet Cleaning

Have your past experiences with carpet cleaners in Alpharetta been good ones? Typically, the reason customers find Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta is because they’re looking for something better than the run-of-the-mill steam cleaning service. Not only are these services inconsistent in terms of effectiveness, but many of the traditional carpet cleaning companies charge extra for services that should be inherently included in a quality carpet cleaning application.

Wool: Because wool is a bit of a different fabric that requires slightly more tact while cleaning, many professionals in the industry charge extra to clean it.

Berber: Some carpet maintenance services charge extra for dealing with different styles of carpets, such as berber carpets.

Heavily soiled areas: Although you would think that cleaning a heavily soiled area would just be business as usual, many services charge a fee for this work.

Pet stains: Pet stains can be challenging to clean – but they don’t require magic. Some traditional steam cleaning companies charge ridiculous prices for a process that should be included in the service.

Why Do Other Carpet Cleaners in Alpharetta Charge Extra?

Why would a carpet cleaner charge EXTRA to clean a particular type of rug or type of stain, when that’s that main reason you’re having your carpets cleaned in the first place? It doesn’t make sense.

Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta takes a practical approach to carpet cleaning. We will never charge extra for services that should already be included. And we won’t try to sell you on cleaning other parts of your home that weren’t part of your service request. We believe that in a town like Alpharetta, GA that’s the only way to do business the right way.

Our Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Solution

We use an exclusive, proprietary citrus-based solvent that doesn’t cause the long-term residual problems caused by traditional carpet cleaning methods such as shampooing, steam cleaning and chemical cleaning.

The Solution

Have you ever wondered why dish detergents and other cleaning solutions frequently have a citrus scent? It’s not just to get your home smelling nice. Citrus juice is a proven cleaning solution. We’ve just taken that concept and applied it to carpet cleaning service.

The Process

1) Your Alpharetta carpet cleaning professional begins with a pre-spray of the entire carpet using our non-soapy, non foamy citrus cleaning solution.

2) A rotary machine using a dirt-napper system cleans the carpet fiber and wicks up debris that has set within the carpet.

3) The slightly-damp carpet is then intensely dried using a Lindhaus vacuum which is markedly more effective at lifting moisture than other solutions.


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Alpharetta Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve ever had your carpet cleaned by a steam cleaning service or shampooer, you’re probably aware of the inherent limitations and weaknesses of such treatments. Traditional Alpharetta carpet cleaners often leave behind significant moisture in your carpets, as well as sticky residue. Both problems can lead to carpets that are smelly, moldy and filled with dust and allergens just a short time after the cleaners leave.

Fortunately for homeowners near Alpharetta, GA traditional carpet cleaning services aren’t the only option. Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta – a citrus-based carpet cleaning solution and process – is changing the way people think about cleaning service for their carpets.

Alpharetta Carpet Cleaners: Ready to Get Your Carpets Spotless

Once you’ve tried Citrus Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta GA, you’ll never want to go back to the outdated carpet cleaning processes. We take carpet cleaning seriously, and that’s reflected in our results when we finish. Give us a call today to talk about our carpet cleaning services in Alpharetta– and we’ll give you an “EXACT-imate” that lets you know exactly what to expect when you get your bill.

Satisfaction Guaranteed !

We take the utmost pride and effort in making every customer satisfied with the services that is provided from our company. If you are not completely satisfied with the carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning services, we will return to your location at no charge or obligation to you and make things right. If you still not impressed or completely satisfied with our service, we will offer you a complete 100% refund. We HOPE to exceed our customers’ expectations every day on every job!

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