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Stanley Steemer vs. CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning

Stanley Steemer Vs. CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning prides ourselves on our EXACT-imate because most people’s first question is “How much?” And a lot of the time their decision is based on pricing which is understandable.

CitruSolution charges a FLAT RATE of $40 per area. Rooms, hallways and stairs are all considered areas. Closets in rooms already being cleaned are INCLUDED, unless you can park a car in it, then it’s an area too. Basically if it counts as a room/area when you buy it or sell it, it counts as a room when we clean it. Basement areas are determined by how many areas ABOVE it. For example if there is one, really large, open area in the basement, but the kitchen, living room and dining room are above it, then it counts as three areas.

There are no PER SPOT FEES, or UP-SELLS or hidden fees of any kind. If you pay by cash or check. debit/credit cards have a 3% to run those because that’s what they charge us to run them. AND all jobs include a disinfectant.

Our cleaning process is low moisture so it dries in a hour or two and there are no soaps or detergents that cause browning or dark, discolored areas on your carpet. We also have an EXACT-imate GUARANTEE. If the technician charges you more than what you are quoted, the carpet cleaning is FREE. We’d love to see the “other guys” offer that!


Using Stanley Steemers online pricing tool a “typical” 4 Bedroom house with a hall and stairs WITH disinfectant is $422.77. CitruSolution’s price is $240.

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